”That’s the power of comfort”

Ecco’s new stand concept offers organic shapes, defined function and activity areas
 – all with focus on shoes.
The tables that have been designed with specific purposes have several functions. At this stand they are used as presentation and discussion tables, combined with bar stools from GUBI. Underneath the glass table top is a set of drawers exhibiting shoes and processed materials.
Arched walls with acrylic shelves elegantly present the shoes. The graphic at the top of the walls underline the function and the use of the shoes. The hottest “you must have” shoes are presented in acrylic showcases as well as on rustic logs at the front of the stand.
Large transparent graphics frame the stand giving it a light and bright look. The floor is a combination of natural bamboo and a specially dyed satin acrylic of which the latter is used for the raised platform in the lounge. In the lounge area, which is situated at the back of the stand, the customers may help themselves to different forms of refreshments from the “self-service bar”.
The stand is characterized by Scandinavian design and a unique combination of materials. This look has created great coverage of the stand both during the exhibition and in the press.