Sole agencies and organisations

Nicolaysen Messedesign a/s is Modul-partner in Denmark and sole agent of Expo Display Service. Furthermore we are a member of FAMAB and IFES.

Nicolaysen Messedesign a/s is MODUL-partner in Denmark with exclusive right to sell aluminium profiles to exhibition stands, furniture, shop-in-shop, display systems and first and second floor constructions. The aluminium system MODUL can be delivered in all RAL-colours, lengths and shapes. It is flexible. MODUL International is represented in most countries over the world. MODUL partners work with the same system, nomenclature and high level of service.

We offer a wide selection of light and mobile exhibition systems which also include the EXPO Portable Displays.

FAMAB, Verband Direkte Wirtschaftskommunikation in Germany consists of exhibition companies, architects, designer, exhibition centres and suppliers related to the industry. The association has its own formal education, which is adjusted to the industry. FAMAB is an active member of IFES.

IFES, International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services, which is the international umbrella organization for the national member countries. Since 1987 Holger Nicolaysen has been the delegate member from Denmark in the IFES and in the term July 1st 2002 to July 1st 2004 with the responsibility of being the president of the IFES where he is still active as Past President.